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Interior of Sleeper Coach
We are offering these units for sale.
We like to update our coaches every couple years so we are offering 2 Sports Sleeper Coaches. A 1998 sports coach, built on 1994/reconditioned Freightliner, sleeps 21 & a 2001 Crown Coach, built on a 1995 recondidtioned Freightliner, sleeps 25.

1998 Sportscoach 21 sleeper
These coaches have been maintained and/or updated as needed. Please call us for further information.
The purchase of your own coach puts a wonderful marketing tool at your disposal. Advertising your team and your sponsors wherever you travel. Also offering a source of income during your off season, leasing to other sports teams in your area.

Bunks in Sleeper Coach
Add your own graphic and set your unit apart. The unique look of our coaches will attract attention wherever they go and will put your business or product in the public eye every time you hit the road!!

  • All used coaches are sold with remaining warranty,if any.
  • or a limited warranty,agreed upon by buyer and seller.